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Weekly Rock Report for July 3, 2010
1 Doomstar Rainbow Bloodsucker -
2 Super Sexy Boy 1986 Royal Peacocks Tornado Ride
3 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Before Today 4AD
4 Pernice Brothers Goodbye Killer Ashmont
5 Triple Thick Triple Thick -
6 Lady Shemale Porn -
7 Anxiety Pathetic EP Social Napalm
8 Tokyo Police Club Champ MomandPop
9 Mutt Mutt -
10 Ty Segall Melted Goner
11 Tobacco Maniac Meat Anticon
12 Black Helicopter Don't Fuck With The Apocalpyse Ecstatic Peace
13 Various Psychedelic Disaster Whirl Past & Present
14 Los Waffles Patea La Jalea Astronomy Droop
15 Mmoss i -
16 Mullens It's Hard To Imagine Get Hip
17 Ketman A Go-Go Lifted + Gifted
18 Cave Pure Moods Drag City
19 Superyob Aggrophobia Rock n Roll Disgrace
20 Black Keys Brothers Nonesuch
21 Manual Drowned In Light Darla
22 Viva Viva Viva Viva -
23 FM Belfast How To Make Friends Kimi
24 Gogol Bordello Trans-Continental Hustle American Rec.
25 Weisstronauts In Memphis Sool
26 Tender Trap Dansette Dansette Slumberland
27 Various Mindexpanders Volume 3 Past&Present
28 Cocked N' Loaded Take A Shot -
29 Battle Ruins Battle Ruins EP Rock n Roll Disgrace
30 Various Piccadilly Sunshine Part 3 Past&Present
31 Various Cumbia Beat Volume 1 Vampi
32 Sleigh Bells Treats Mom + Pop
33 National High Violet 4AD
34 Mondo Topless Freaking Out Get Hip
35 Holy Fuck Latin Young Turks

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