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Weekly Rock Report for January 1, 2011
1 Penis Flytrap Triple Suicide -
2 Maserati Pyramid of the Sun Temporary Residence
3 Surf City Kudos Arch Hill
4 The Hundred In The Hands The Hundred In The Hands Warp
5 Nose Jobs Demo! -
6 Tyvek Nothing Fits In The Red
7 Kidnappers Will Protect You Alien Snatch
8 Red Dons Fake Meets Failure Deranged
9 Estranged The Subliminal Man Dirtnap
10 Secret Hearts The Tears and the Joys of Secret Hearts National
11 Uncle Bonsai The Grim Parade Yellow Tail
12 Brother Kite Isolation clairecords
13 Cradle To The Grave 6-song ep -
14 Hex Map Cryptidography Claw Solutions
15 Wild Wild Geese "Sorry, Earth" Odessa
16 Unko Atama Another Creature -
17 Watts On The Dial -
18 Nothing But Enemies Creepy Crawl Wlfare
19 Clash Clash On Broadway Epic/Legacy
20 Soundtrack Complaints Choir Smog Veil
21 Stereolab Not Music Drag City
22 Various Friends With Benefits love/hate
23 Various Book A Trip Now Sounds
24 The Ugly Beats Motor! Get Hip
25 Autistic Youth Idle Minds Dirtnap
26 Grass Is Green Yeddo -
27 Poison Idea "Learning To Scream 7""" Taang!
28 Various Speed Kills ? Again Heavy Artillery
29 Hands and Knees James Brown Died on X-mas -
30 Sasquatch III Small Stone
31 Carnivores If I'm Ancient -
32 Waxeater Sleeper Latest Flame
33 Various Deutsche Elektronische Musik Soul Jazz
34 Scorpion vs. Tarantula She Goes Hard -
35 Various Tradi-Mods Vs. Rockers Crammed Discs

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