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Weekly Rock Report for January 8, 2011
1 Surf City Kudos Arch Hill
2 I-10's Fighting For A Golden Age Music Submit
3 Cradle To The Grave 6-song ep -
4 Maserati Pyramid of the Sun Temporary Residence
5 Tyvek Nothing Fits In The Red
6 Penis Flytrap Triple Suicide -
7 Tony Savarino Guitaring Naked Ear
8 Rattlesnakes Spread For The Wide Eagle TRS
9 Cats On Fire Dealing In Antiques Matinee
10 Samiam Orphan Works No Idea
11 No Joy Ghost Blonde Mexican Summer
12 Action 45 Bastards Of America -
13 Nose Jobs Demo! -
14 Uncle Bonsai The Grim Parade Yellow Tail
15 Red Dons Fake Meets Failure Deranged
16 Kidnappers Will Protect You Alien Snatch
17 Nothing But Enemies Creepy Crawl Wlfare
18 White Lung It's The Evil Deranged
19 Various Stardumb 50 Stardumb
20 Wheels On Fire Liar Liar Alien Snatch
21 The Parting Gifts Strychnine Dandelion In The Red
22 So Cow Meaningless Friendly Tic Tac Totally
23 Demdike Stare Tryptych Modern Love
24 Sarah & The Tall Boys A Lifetime Worth Of Sin KITH.
25 Rafael Toral Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance Touch
26 The Lobsters All Night Lovin Man / Diddy Wah Diddy Magpie
27 Sweet Apple Love + Desperation Tee Pee
28 Eskmo Eskmo Ninja Tune
29 Attic Ted Patty Cake/I Don't Mind Pecan Crazy
30 Demon's Claws Defrosting of In the Red
31 Muck and Mires Today You Love Me/Saturday Let.. Q Division
32 Los Explosivos Sonidos Rocanrol Get Hip
33 John Francis The Better Angels Horse and Rider
34 Orange Juice Coals To Newcastle Sampler Domino
35 BlackWolfGoat Dragon Wizard Sleeve Small Stone

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