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Weekly Rock Report for July 30, 2011
1 Biosphere N-Plants Touch
2 The Grinds Whatcha Lookin At? -
3 The Ettes Wicked Will Krian
4 Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw Night Gallery Thrill Jockey
5 Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Savage Kings Munster
6 Various Searching In The Wilderness Muziek Express
7 Victims A Dissident Deathwish
8 Dennis Most I'm Not Dead Yet + Indiana Roadkillarama 75 Or Less
9 Sharp Objects EP Modern Action
10 Born Liars Ragged Island Cutthroat
11 Jeff The Brotherhood We Are The Champions Infinity Cat
12 Antiques jwns -
13 Various Rip Off (Ireland) Label Sampler Sing Sing
14 Halfways Heart Attack EP Big Neck
15 Guilermo Sexo Secret Wild GirlBoyGirlBoy
16 Various Messthetics #108 South Coast DIY And (Very) Indie Postpunk '77-'81 H2D
17 Various Welcome To The Family Vol. 4 Old Shoe
18 Modern Action Molotov Solution Modern Action
19 Idaho You Were A Dick -
20 Hollywood Sinners Disastro Garantino Dirty Water
21 Dwarves Are Born Again MVD
22 The Hussy Cement Tomb Mind Control Slow Fizz
23 No Problem And Now This Deranged
24 Ty Segall Goodbye Bread Drag City
25 Misfits Evillive 8 Track Mind
26 Viva Voce The Future Will Destroy You Vanguard
27 Femme Fatality That's It That's It Stickfigure
28 They Might Be Giants Join Us Idlewild
29 Radio Control Hot Audio Polk
30 Anvil Juggernaut of Justice The End
31 Let's Wrestle Nursing Home Merge
32 Head Hang On -
33 Los Vigilantes Los Vigilantes Slovenly
34 White Hills H-p1 Thrill Jockey
35 Fatal Flaw Narrow Hours -

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