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Weekly Rock Report for February 13, 2016
1 Savages Adore Matador
2 Wild Honey Your Face Sideways Top Shelf
3 Spiders Shake Electric Spinefarm
4 Ringo DeathStarr Pure Mood Reverberation Appreciation Society
5 Black Market Baby Coulda Woulda Shoulda Doctor Strange
6 Freezepop Phantoms -
7 The Two Tens Volume Ugly Sugar
8 Jim Duffy Pale Afternoon -
9 Stay The Mean Solar Times Picture In My Ear
10 Magic Shoppe Interstellar Car Crash -
11 Pink Frost Gargoyle Days Smart Like Virus
12 Hardcore Superstar HCSS Gain/Sony
13 Various Boston Bootleg Vol. 3 Rave Up
14 Indonesian Junk Indonesian Junk Rum Bar
15 Night Beats Who Sold My Generation Heavenly
16 Nzca Lines Infinite Summer Memphis Industries
17 Christ Puncher Christ Puncher Saint Roch Recordings
18 Orthy Listen To Her Heart Dither Down
19 MDC Millions of Dead Cops - Millenium Edition Beer City
20 Torso Sono Pronta a Morire Sorry State
21 Namelosers Fabulous Sounds From Southern Sweden Got To Hurry
22 Beliefs Leaper Hand Drawn Dracula
23 93 Million Miles From The Sun Fall Into Nothing White Light Recordings
24 Various Back From The Grave 10 Crypt
25 Christina Vantzou No.3 Kranky
26 Field Music Commontime Memphis Industries
27 Richard Pinhas Chronolyse Cunieform
28 Kadavar Berlin Nuclear Blast
29 DIIV Is The Is Are Captured Tracks
30 Applesauce Tears Alpha Drift Black Cottage
31 Octogrape Aura Obelisk Sounds Familyre
32 Coldair The Provider Twelves
33 Lame Drivers Chosen Era Jigsaw
34 Running Wake Up Applauding Castle Face
35 Wray Hypatia Communicating Vessels
36 The Besnard Lakes A Coliseum Complex Museum Jagjaguwar
37 Iron Lamb Fool's Gold High Roller
38 Kind Rocket Science Ripple
39 Gross Pointe Bad Seed Hozac
40 Shandy Bish Bosh Bash Contra

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