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WMBR's Signal Coverage Area

The following image depicts WMBR's predicted coverage area:

  • Red: Estimated F(50,50) field strength > 60 dBu - Signal should be strong
  • Violet: Estimated F(50,50) field strength > 50 dBu - Signal may be medium to weak
  • Blue: Estimated F(50,50) field strength > 40 dBu - Signal will be weak or unreceivable
WMBR Contour Map
  • The red 60 dBu contour designates WMBR's protected service area as defined by the FCC.
  • "dBu" refers to dB μV/m which is a logarithmic unit referenced to 1 microvolt per meter. See this Wikipedia article for more information.
  • "F(50, 50)" refers to the charts used by the FCC to predict the electromagnetic field strength occurring at 50% of receivers 50% of the time.
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