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Saturday Programs:
6-8am 88 Rewound
Hosted by: Alex McNeil or Keith Sawyer
Each week 88 Rewound recreates a radio station survey or countdown from somewhere in the US or beyond, playing the hits (and misses) as they appeared back in the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 06:00 am
Sat May 11 06:00 am
8-10am Lost Highway
Hosted by: Doug Gesler
A touch of country music as you contemplate whether or not to build that still near your uncle's cabin in the Great Smokies...

Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 08:00 am
Sat May 11 08:00 am
10am-Noon Backwoods
Hosted by: John Funke
The best in vintage rock ’n’ roll, country and western, and rhythm ’n’ blues. More songs about Cadillacs and chickens.

Twitter Feed: @johnthefunke
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 10:00 am
Sat May 11 10:00 am
Alternates Weekly
Southern Exposure
Hosted by: Alexandra Smerekanych
Modern country that takes you on a trip down a back road with the windows down.
Upcoming shows: Jun 1, Jun 15
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 12:00 pm
Alternates Weekly
Trunk Full of Pearl
Hosted by: Zach Church
Country music, rock music, and country rock music, much of it from Texas.
Upcoming shows: May 25, Jun 8
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 11 12:00 pm
1-2pm The Paradox Box
Hosted by: Allison and The Smooth Sailing Crew
Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll is what you need.
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 01:00 pm
Sat May 11 01:00 pm
2-4pm King Ghidorah
Hosted by: Jeff, Keith, Marianna, Mully and Will
A Saturday afternoon creature quintuple feature of rotating dj's so frightening that they were banished from the rest of WMBR's rock shows. Joined together they form the mighty King Ghidorah!
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 02:00 pm
Sat May 11 02:00 pm
4-6pm Aural Fixation
Hosted by: Sue
From the paisley underground, dark attics, and the edge of space - you'll hear fuzzed out guitars, heavy psych, drone, garage, & poppy punk from 50+ years ago to the latest releases.

Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 04:00 pm
Sat May 11 04:00 pm
6-8pm James Dean Death Car Experience
Hosted by: Lisa Death Car
You are bereft of coherent thought. Do you a) watch another cat video, b) blog, c) troll social media, d) shut off the Internet for today, turn on your old-school radio, and absorb the pop sounds of the Death Car?

Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 06:00 pm
Sat May 11 06:00 pm
8-9pm Backpacks and Magazines
Hosted by: Heather D.
Post-punk, electro, synthpop, darkwave, coldwave, deathrock, and more. Dance with me to the sound of sirens.

Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 08:00 pm
Sat May 11 08:00 pm
9-10pm Cuéntame
Hosted by: Sahara Villarreal
Share your story with the class.
10-11pm The Intergalactic Witching Hour with Crood >Boi> and Lorinda
Hosted by: Anxorla, Geoff, E.Tee, Daniel, Bobot, David, and Max the Orange Farmer
Unaware of reality’s paper-thin walls? Become acquainted with a transcendental and planetary group. View the transmittal of information from place to place. Music that skirts the edges of, but does not tear, those paper-thin walls. 
Listen to past shows: 
Alternates Weekly
Dangerous Things
Hosted by: Dariel Cobb
Curl up with your rage or fight with your joy as we fill our heads with the sounds of earthy divas, electric nymphs, amazon warriors and other femme fatales from across genres and around the world. Women, fire, and dangerous things.
Upcoming shows: Jun 1, Jun 15
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 18 11:00 pm
Alternates Weekly
The Lethal List
Hosted by: Arlesa
Chill vibes via a selection of new(ish) electropop, alternative R&B and hip-hop grooves, sprinkled with hints of jazz, funk, and some not-so-new gems.
Upcoming shows: May 25, Jun 8
Listen to past shows:  Sat May 11 11:00 pm
Midnight-1am RPS
Hosted by: DJ Sonny
Tune in for hear about paranormal encounters, the unexplained, or music from a different world.
Listen to past shows:  Sun May 19 12:00 am
Sun May 12 12:00 am
1-3am Mellow Madness
Hosted by: Preston J Porter
Let host PJ Porter set an ambiance of love with the best and sexiest R&B slow jams to get you in the mood for love. Express your feelings with a live dedication. Come aboard with me and enjoy this love affair called "Mellow Madness" Feel the Heat!!!!!

Listen to past shows:  Sun May 19 01:00 am
Sun May 12 01:00 am
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