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WMBR Special Events Calendar This Month
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12:00pm: PATNAUSEAM (PatDemic Edition): LEAVE ME ALONE on Subject to Change


2:00pm: Happy Birthday John Surman on WMBR's Research & Development Program


7:00pm: MELLOW GROOVE SPOT ft. grooveman Spot, Maika Loubte, Afrikan Sciences on Near and Far

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12:00pm: PATNAUSEAM (PatDemic Edition): WORKING IN A COAL MINE on Subject to Change


2:00pm: Remembering Clifford Thornton (1936-1989) on WMBR's Research & Development program


12:00pm: FUZZ! (Part 1 of many) on WMBR's Lost & Found Program

7:00pm: CITY POP HIP-HOP LOVE SONGS FROM JAPAN 2021 ft. nene, Liza, Edward(me), M%O on Near and Far

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12:00pm: PATNAUSEAM (PatDemic Edition): POLICE & THIEVES on Subject to Change

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2:00pm: Happy Birthday Joelle Leandre and Joe Morris on WMBR's Research & Development


3:00pm: Ken Field interviews bassist & composer Marc Johnson on The New Edge

7:00pm: 袅ゆるい means LOOSE, LAX, SLACK ft. Yurufuwa Gang, Teito, Park Hye Jin on Near and Far

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12:00pm: PATNAUSEAM (PatDemic Edition): Leaving on a Jet Plane on Subject to Change


2:00pm: Happy Birthday Jason Robinson/ Remembering Billy Bang (1947-2011) on WMBR's Research & Development program


7:00pm: FUNKY 4 U ft. Kohei Japan, Libro, DJ Deflo, Freez, Narisk, Asakura on Near and Far

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12:00pm: PATNAUSEAM (PatDemic Edition): Wake Up Little Susie on Subject to Change


2:00pm: Happy Birthday Matt Wilson/ Remembering Jemeel Moondoc (1946-2021) on WMBR's Research & Development program


7:00pm: HOUSE, I GUESS ft. Discoromancer, Kitri, Adachi Reisaburo, Octo Octa on Near and Far

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