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WMBR Special Events Calendar This Month
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12:00pm: Patnauseam Monomaniacal Marathon: Berimbau on Subject to Change


2:00pm: Remembering Gato Barbieri on WMBR's Research & Development program


7:00pm: ELECTROPOLITAN ft. Aili, BoA, Twigy, Zeebra, DJ Tatsuki, Lilniina on Near and Far

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12:00pm: Patnauseam: the First Cut Is the Deepest on Subject to Change

5 6

7:00pm: JUXTAPOSE ft. 906, eRee, JPN Kasai, Baku, uami, Phew on Near and Far


5:30pm: Happy Birthday, Noam Chomsky! on WMBR Nightly News

8 9 10

12:00pm: Santanauseam: Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town on Subject to Change

12 13

12:00pm: Triangles in the '60s and '70s on Lost and Found

7:00pm: Global Groovetronica ft. Pal Hwang Dan, iiP, islandman, Ami Dang on Near and Far

14 15 16 17

10:00am: Interview with Prof. Aviva Chomsky about Climate Justice on Radio with a View

12:00pm: Patnauseam: Haven't We Met? on Subject to Change

19 20

12:00pm: Crumhorns, Didgeridoos, Claviolines and Cimbalons (The Penultimate Instrument-Focused Theme Show) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: SOUL LOVE ft. uku kasai, BIM, De'Sean Jones, Ideeyah, Kohei Japan, Hikaru Utada on Near and Far


4:00pm: Sol sisto in the Margin of the Other

22 23

8:00am: Santa Visits WMBR's Breakfast Of Champions Program


12:00pm: Santanauseam Regifting: Last Month of the Year/Children Go Where I Send Thee/Last Month of the Year on Subject to Change

26 27

12:00pm: Stylophones, Kalimbas and Kotos (The Last Instrument-Focused Theme Show) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: 忘年会 "Bounenkai" FORGET-THE-YEAR-PARTY ft. Kohei Japan, Lupe Fiasco, Nene, eRee on Near and Far

28 29 30 31

12:00pm: Cheese Patrol

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