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WMBR Special Events Calendar This Month
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12:00pm: Patnauseam: Mister Sandman on Subject to Change

27 28

12:00pm: Ladies of the Night (Part 1) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: LESSONS FROM BONOBO ft. 空中水泳, DJ Suimin, Cyber Rui, Tentenko on Near and Far

1 2 3 4

12:00pm: Patnauseam Monomaniacal Marathon: Boogie Chillun

6 7

7:00pm: DJ BAR 3.0 ft. GoodMostlyBad, Jim O'Rourke, SoiSong, SKRYU, Sheena Ringo on Near and Far

8 9 10 11

12:00pm: Patnauseam: No Regrets on Subject to Change

13 14

7:00pm: I'M GOOD, I'M DOWN ft. Akini Jing, Chace, 34432, Syachi, Mark Slee, Frog 3 on Near and Far

15 16

12:00am: Second Fiddle: Special St. Patrick's Day Extravaganza

17 18

12:00pm: PATNAUSEAM: Merry Golden Tree (aka Golden Vanity, Tukrey Reveille, Golden Willow Tree, Willow Weep Tree) on Subject to Change

20 21

12:00pm: Give Yourself a Hand (Part 1) on Lost and Found

7:00pm: CLICKS & CLOUDS ft. Syachi, Meebee, Norio, satomimagae, Akini Jing, Oval on Near and Far

22 23 24 25

12:00pm: Patnauseam: Uptight (Everything's Alright) on Subject to Change

27 28

7:00pm: BEATCRAFT Foodman, Morgan Packard, Efeewma, Tokyo Shiokoji, Nakamura Minami on Near and Far

29 30 31

5:30pm: Remembering Mel King on WMBR Nightly News

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