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Treaty of Tordesillas

Sundays 2-4pm

(Airs the First of Every Two Weeks)

Hosted by: Mercado & Amy Battisti-Ashé

Bringing you Latin rhythms from across the Americas since 2018. Sounds from all languages of Latin America with our trademark banter. Trad, folk, pop, rock & more from Los Algodones to Tierra del Fuego-- and BOTH sides of the treaty line. Vamos lá!
Listen to past shows:
Sun Apr 07 2:00 pm Playlist

Sloanies Are People Too

Sundays 2-3pm

(Airs the Second of Every Four Weeks)

Hosted by: Matthew, Wei, and Eric

Eavesdrop on the conversation at the back of the class, talking about the vibe not business. We are going to disrupt the internet with FM radio.
Listen to past shows:
Sun Apr 14 2:00 pm


Sundays 2-3pm

(Airs the Fourth of Every Four Weeks)

Hosted by: Shelby Elder

Some easy listening, some hard listening, and a little bit of music history. Listen in to discover connections between genres (focusing on classical and electronic) and hear music that blurs experiment and application.
Listen to past shows:
Sun Apr 14 2:00 pm
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